• Sea kayaking in front of Methoni castle
  • Sea kayaking for families
  • Family under a waterfall
  • Hiking in Menalo
  • Hiking in Ridomo Gorge
  • Navarino hiking on the walls of palaiocastro

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"Nowhere else in Greece, the authentic Mediterranean landscape can be represented so clearly as in Messinia, maybe the most beautiful region of the Peloponnese. Explore Messinia, welcomes you in Messinia and invites you to explore the region through guided Sea Kayaking and Hiking Trips, discovering its hidden treasures. Paddle with a Sea Kayak along the most beautiful coastal routes of the Peloponnese, leading to hidden coves and beaches, sea caves, picturesque fishing villages and uninhabited islands. Walk through the olive groves, over stone built trails and pathways leading back in time, linking nature with people and their traditions."